101. You should follow the rest of the advice regarding ruqya diagnosis that I mention in my “Self Diagnosis Notes”. So ruqya dua won’t work, if someone is too nervous to find out if they have jinn possession which results in the ruqya dua being rejected because they weren’t truly and sincerely beseeching Allah from the bottom of their heart ie too scared to find out if they have jinn. On a side note, the Sahaba did not need to develop the complicated and difficult science of hadith in their time but the generations after them, had to. It also doesn’t expect us to get the diagnosis 100% right before any treatment can be administered. I would have agreed with them if their ruqya treatment was as good as the Sahaba’s and they had similar results as the Sahaba. I personally advise myself and my senior student to refer to these points whenever we need to remind or review the knowledge that we have gained via our experience. Well, if you understand the issue of spiritual diseases properly and deeply from all possible angles THAT ALLAH ALLOWS, then you will do ruqya diagnosis correctly and you will treat the disease adequately and you will be able to develop new treatments because you completely understand what exactly a spiritual disease is and what isn’t a spiritual disease. This shows the importance of sincerely beseeching Allah. For myself and the general Muslims who are NOT specialists in the fine details of Tawheed and the shirk of using the help of jinn. IT IS DEFINITELY WORKING BUT THE PATIENT JUST CAN’T FEEL IT. I strongly recommend that no one mocks or laughs at a Muslim because he or she has asked a question because of misunderstanding something. 62. https://islamqa.info/en/answers/175189/selection-of-verses-and-supplications-for-incantation-purposes. We can now STOP the ruqya diagnosis because there is no need to do jinn possession ruqya or waswaas conditioning ruqya. Hearing – unrecognizable voices during sleep. We have collected and documented over 400,000 signs, but much work remains and we are constantly working on quality improvement. By I Got High From Cbd Oil Where To Buy Diamond Cbd Oil. Those who practise ruqya diagnosis and combine it with ruqya treatment have more right to claim that their ruqya methodology is closer to following the Sahaba’s ruqya than those who ONLY practise ruqya treatment. Ruqya diagnosis is NOT like the work of fortune tellers and the people who work with jinn. For example, it possible to get sihr over the phone. Sign in. Why would I criticise someone for something that I am also doing! The treatment itself becomes a way of refuting all those who deny jinn possession, sihr and ayn. This over emphasise usually occurs with sihr. I really did not have any real issues or major problems that even a professional raqi would notice. In the morning, to the doctor’s surprise, the patient is feeling much better and it seems that he has responded very well to the antibiotics. I know it works because of my experience, my students’ experiences and even my patients’ experiences. The Sahaba’s ruqya was much stronger than ours. You don’t have to be following a text book definition of what exactly a limb or organ is but you must make sure that you have covered a whole area of your body and have made sure that it clear of a spiritual disease ie “from point X on my body to point Y on my body” OR “from point X in my body to point Y in my body”. So since the intention in ruqya treatment is not asking Allah to show clear signs of a spiritual disease, we find that the reactions during ruqya treatment are not really convincing for some patients and so they believe that they don’t really have a spiritual disease, when the opposite could be true. We would say the arm shaking during ruqya diagnosis is a sign from Allah that the person has jinn possession and not that the jinn are definitely in the arm. Don’t get into any conversations with jinn which may lead to shirk. These filthy jinn are difficult to treat because the sihr has trapped them in the patient’s body. For ruqya treatment on family members, please use the article below, For older children you should add the phrase. Ruqya diagnosis is in accordance to the hadith on ruqya: “Whoever is able to benefit his brother then let him benefit him” (Al-Albani: Saheeh Jam’i 6019). Yawning is not a reaction to ruqya diagnosis. Ruqyah is very powerful and i see signs of recovery Alhamdulillah Listen to this Ruqya at least once a day. Anybody in such a situation would like to know what exactly is going on and it is very difficult to just to ignore the symptoms. I did the first comprehensive JET treatment and he did the second comprehensive JET. His limited understanding may result in very desperate sisters or brothers going through limb amputations seeking a cure from jinn possession. YOU MUST BE SINCERE TO ALLAH AND BELIEVE THAT HE IS IN FULL CONTROL. Some Obvious Signs of Sorcery Ruqya is a treatment provided strictly according to Qura’an and Sunnah, against jinn possession, black magic, evil eye, sorcery & many other health problems. She answered the phone and it was one of her relatives. We cannot do specific ruqya diagnosis on your new sihr to determine if your previous and cured sihr was sihr of divorce. In my opinion, there is still a problem with sins since the patient still has speaking possessing jinn. 3. Ruqya has to be beneficial and direct on the patient who needs it ie directly applied on them and not via a third party. The Sahaba didn’t have to worry like us and they never found themselves in the desperate predicament that we find ourselves in today. You will be requested to undergo Ruqyah and hijama treatment in combination. This ruqya diagnostic intention may cause your leg to shake or some other physical reaction may occur in your body. He would do his own ruqya with surahs falaq and nass. It has to be mentioned here that these 101 Important Ruqya Principles should not be seen as the only principles of Ruqya, but merely pieces of advice based on our observations and experience which you should try to follow when you are doing Self Ruqya or ruqya on your family. How many people are walking around with jinn inside them but they are totally oblivious to that reality. Hence, the importance of reading ruqya diagnosis for longer, especially when you have put the possessing jinn through serious trauma. HOW IS IT THAT YOUR RUQYA TREATMENT CAUSES RUQYA REACTIONS BUT THE SAHABA’S DIDN’T? How can we accept the opinion that there is not much jinn possession in people from a person who does not even know how to diagnose jinn possession! If you really want to get some of the benefits that Allah bestowed upon the Sahaba, in terms of practical ruqya results, then you should add ruqya diagnosis to your ruqya methodology. In our time, there are new diseases, which didn’t occur in the time of the Sahaba, and there will possibly be new future diseases (Ibn Majar: 4019: Sahih), which can also include new spiritual diseases, like waswas conditioning, which I discovered a few years ago. Occasionally, some patients complain that they have stopped all sins but they still have speaking possessing jinn. Another example would be a raqi doing ruqya over the phone or using videophone. Believe, Know and Trust that Allah will help you during ruqya diagnosis and that He will show you signs that you are afflicted with a spiritual disease. The jinn cannot pretend or manipulate your results because Allah is in control of the whole ruqya process. Therefore, it is important for patients to be aware of this phenomenon and they must not dismiss the lesser reactions in specific ruqya diagnosis as a negative result. If the patient doesn’t get clear limb movements with sihr or ayn diagnosis then you should do jinn possession diagnosis on the patient. For example, a sinning possessed patient may have very strong jinn reactions to the word “Allah, Allah, Allah” or even worse than that their jinn reacts to the noise of clapping hands. The first JET seemed to have injured the jinn while the second JET finished them off. So a patient may have a slight headache at the reference point which then becomes a more severe headache while the ruqya diagnosis is read. This is why you cannot treat the diagnosis of spiritual ailments like the diagnosis of physical ailments. I must point out that whenever we discuss which treatment is best then we must not forget the importance of looking at the Iman of the patients. THIS ISN’T SCAREMONGERING! Today, many people are walking around the world thinking that they are cured when in reality they aren’t. If you are a practising pious Muslim then No jinn can interfere with your ruqya diagnosis just like no jinn can interfere in your normal dua to Allah. If such patients don’t want ruqya and hence they don’t make an intention for accepting ruqya or aren’t really paying attention or are not listening to the raqi’s ruqya and therefore not beseeching Allah in their hearts then the ruqya won’t be accepted by Allah. One of the clear problems that I find when people insist on just doing ruqya treatment is that they don’t know when the patient is actually cured. Ruqyah is not just being recited over; rather you must recite over yourself. This gift of a quick cure, in one short ruqya session, was only really for the Sahaba and it never really happens to the majority of us. Many patients get confused and think I am talking about normal wawas so when it comes to perfoming ruqya treatment and even diagnosis, their ruqya doesn’t hit or attack this new spiritual disease. To those who say that it is not important to know if you have a spiritual disease and that ruqya treatment should just be done then we would reply by saying that knowing exactly what you have means that you can treat yourself more comprehensively! This is because it can be very dangerous. They used their karamah for ruqya treatment and probably used their firasah and dreams to diagnose the spiritual diseases and to know when they were cured. When trying to develop new treatments for spiritual diseases, we should not use sinning possessed patients as our subjects because their jinnee is not under control so it may affect the results of our experiments by pretending to react to a substance or proceedure. This attitude of being patient and not complaining is stated in the hadith below: Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Some of the benefits that are gained when the ruqya treatment doesn’t cure immediately are: 1. If you don’t have sihr then your body shouldn’t react to sihr ruqya diagnosis. You must make sure that when you are doing ruqya treatment that you don’t over emphasise the cure for one affliction over another. Before constructing our ruqya intentions or duas for diagnosis or treatment, we must stop and think, and ask ourselves, “if we really need the help of ruqya in a particular situation and is there an easier and quicker alternative than ruqya in a particular situation”. That is because of the clear physical signs that a patient feels during ruqya treatment. The physical symptoms and other reactions that occur during ruqya diagnosis sessions are NOT the actual spiritual disease itself but are just manifestations of it. 77. If you do these above 3 things properly and put your trust and hope in Allah then the cure from Allah will come inshallah. We recently did this with my colleague. This is similar to when the khatib at Friday prayers does the final dua at the end of the khutba. They could have just said to him that it is not important to know what he is suffering from and that the Nabi (salalahu alayhi wasalam) should just do ruqya treatment on himself but they didn’t do that (Bukhari 3268 & Muslim 2189). Outside of yawning, watery eyes on there own would be a sign for us but because we also know that they can be a part of yawning, we will ignore them if they occur during yawning). I have seen a raqi mocking and laughing at Muslims because of their understanding and then after some time this raqi is himself believing and doing strange things. If the patient does physically react then the raqi can say the patient has sihr. In general, usually patients get totally convinced after their second or third sincere diagnosis and they don’t usually need to do more than 5, which may be done over a few days. You cannot presume or guess that you are NOT afflicted. Please read my article: “The waswas from the possessing jinn”, so you understand what waswas conditioning is. In such cases, their reactions will be very difficult to notice even with ruqya diagnosis so what about if we only use ruqya treatment to diagnose them! 3. However, when they are told to redo the diagnosis ruqya for jinn possession but this time sincerely beseeching Allah, they get a good reaction. In fact, occasionally, the jinn may not be in the actual arm that shakes during ruqya diagnosis but are, in fact, somewhere else in the body. It is an independent spiritual disease in of itself which I suffered from personally and which I am cured from now walhamdulilah. If you don’t sincerely beseech and truly ask Allah then he won’t manifest the signs of sihr affliction. There is NO evidence to say that the action of ruqya diagnosis is actually haram to do. My advice would be to look at the following five areas: When I am trying to convince those who do not agree with ruqya diagnosis, I sometimes tell them to use ruqya treatment as a form of diagnosis. At least then, you can claim some equivalence to the Sahaba’s practical ruqya results, but not until then! 3. You get more reward from Allah if you do your own self ruqya because you are reading the Quran. We should not make this difference between the two because there is absolutely no evidence for doing that! 59. (Anyway, there is no way around it, your first ruqya session will always be a ruqya diagnosis session and not a ruqya treatment session. For more information on this, please see point 15 above. Ruqya diagnosis was the key in identifying that the patient had sihr and that the bowel illness was actually being caused by sihr. WHY DO YOU CLAIM YOUR RUQYA TREATMENT IS LIKE THE SAHABA’S, WHEN IT TAKES YOU A LONG TIME TO GET THE CURE? The qareen will never ever speak through its human host like a possessing jinn can. Hence, that is why the majority of us need ruqya diagnosis to help us with our spiritual diseases. You should focus on getting the patient to stop sinning and making tauba and paying sadaqa to remove sins. There is a lot of good in ruqyah, and a great deal of benefit. We can’t know if the yawning is from the possessing jinn or not. This is when the ruqya is beneficial and according to the Sunnah ie the ruqya has helped and benefitted us against a disease. If you accept general sihr ruqya diagnosis then you have no choice but to also accept the specific ruqya diagnosis for the sihr of divorce and even other ones as well. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO USE THE RUQYA REACTIONS IN OUR LIFE? This understanding of guessing the spiritual disease and then applying an appropriate treament and then finally basing the diagnosis on the patient’s response to the treatment, is taken from the well known hadith (Al Mishkat: 4562. There are also other possibilities of what the man could be suffering from. So let us humble ourselves and include ruqya diagnosis in our practice of ruqya so that the Muslims can benefit. So if the Sahaba’s ruqya on a kafir is so strong, how strong do you think the Sahaba’s ruqya was when they read on themselves or other Sahaba. The first and most important advice for all possessed patients is that they should be careful about committing sins because sins weaken iman thereby strengthen the possessing jinn. Sometimes, in the first sessions of ruqyah, the patient can be asymptomatic or show some minor symptoms like itchiness or yawning. Doing your own self ruqya means that you will be included among those people who will enter Jannah without any questioning or reckoning. One of the most important principles of ruqya is NOT to use the help or assistance of jinn during ruqya or outside of ruqya because using their help is major shirk. Don’t do indirect ruqya where you read ruqya on yourself or a person to treat or diagnose another person. Ar-Ruqyah Ash Shareeyah : mentioned above, it has three conditions. They are not saying that ruqya diagnosis is a bidah since they know it follows the rules of the Shariah but they feel that if they don’t do it then they are doing something better and are more in line with the Sunnah. In some cases, their ruqya was so strong that they would only read ruqya for a few minutes and then get the cure (Bukhari: 5736). I remember one sheikh who didn’t like people taking money for ruqya treatment, saying that these raqis, who take money for ruqya, should make sure that the patient is cured before taking any money because the payment of sheep, in the well known hadith on ruqya, was only paid to the Sahaba when the patient was actually cured (Bukhari: 5736). 5. 57. * Recquires Adobe Reader* Manzil is a collection of Ayaat and short Surahs from the Quran that are to be recited as a means of protection and antidote from Black Magic, Jinn, Witchcraft, Sihr, Sorcery, Evil Eye as well as other harmful things ¤ You'll found in this app ¤ - Arabic (Uthmani and Indopak fonts) - French translation - Recitation … Another example would be when a patient has a very bad bacterial infection and the raqi refuses to give antibiotics to the patient and says that “We will ONLY use ruqya because ruqya is from Allah”! If a patient is really having serious jinn possession issues ie severe waswas and some jinn are actually manifesting and speaking then from my experience, it might be a good idea to do 2 JET treatments on the same patient in one session so you basically finish the first JET treatment on the kahil point and then you immediately follow it up with another JET treatment just below the kahil point. You will be told that you have eaten the Sihr and prescribed senna tea and Ruqyah water / baths for two weeks, to supposedly clear this Sihr from the body. This is because ruqya diagnosis does not involve any shirk. Tag: signs that ruqyah is working Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic. If a Muslim has this attitude of not acting upon any advice or statements from the jinn, it will help close the door to shirk. Rohani ilam | Dua For Love | Wazifa | Islamic Amal, Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic Ruqyah Verses For Black Magic or ruqyah dua to break dark enchantment can be use to obliterate dark enchantment from somebody. So if a jinnee speaks during ruqya then you should ignore it and JUST TELL IT TO LEAVE THE BODY. Could it be that you are doing sins that you actually think are permissible to do? For more information, descriptions and examples of waswas conditioning, please see my article: “The Waswas from the Posssessing Jinn”. 81. You must do ruqya diagnosis to confirm that you are not suffering. Yes, our ruqya treatment is not like the Sahaba’s but at least Allah has given us ruqya diagnosis to solve our problems with the spiritual diseases. This patient did not even have waswas or nightmares. Now, if you disconnect yourself from your hasd network and you are still suffering from hasd then you need to get the hasid’s ghusl water to cure the hasd on your body. (Obviously, it is worse if the patient does not have the ability to prevent it ie the patient has more sins than the former). The more you listen the better. The same above understanding applies to ayn with jinn possession. Ideally, it would be better for the patient to have NO major sins at all before the diagnosis, but this is not always possible (especially when we think of the fact that it is usually presumed before the diagnosis that the patient isn’t a major sinner ie we think well of a Muslim and don’t presume that he is a major sinner). If during the ruqya diagnosis for sihr, ayn or waswaas conditioning the patient experiences major limb movements or has severe muscle spasms then we can conclude that the patient also has jinn possession. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar (may Allah have mercy on him) said in Fathul Bari Vol 1: Page 195: The scholars are unanimously agreed that ruqya is permissible, if three conditions are met: 1. Now, this patient would not have known if they had sihr if they did not do the ruqya diagnosis. The worst case scenario is when a raqi who thinks his ruqya is like the Sahaba’s or he thinks he is following the Sahaba, and he just reads fatiha 7 times and then tells the patient: “Get up now, you are cured” without doing any ruqya diagnosis to confirm if the patient is really cured. Ideally, it is better to read it for 30mins. The physical symptoms and other reactions that occur during ruqya diagnosis sessions are NOT the actual spiritual disease itself but are just manifestations of it. However, when these same Muslims attempt specific ruqya diagnosis, they don’t get the same level of accuracy as their general diagnosis and so they are left confused and doubtful about their specific diagnosis results, even though, they have followed all the necessary diagnosis protocols. YAWNING ISN’T A REACTION DURING RUQYA DIAGNOSIS. The same rule of definition applies to when you are trying to locate the jinnee or spiritual disease in your body for hijama extraction purposes as explained in my article “How Allah Cured Me”. Yes, ruqya is a fixed act of worship but it is not as fixed as salah and that is because it is a type of medicine that needs flexibility so that it can deal with any disease and any situation. Having said that, there is a problem with this method of ruqya treatment as diagnosis, which I want to explain here and which people have experienced. Being quick to get angry or weep with no apparent cause. We know from experience that Allah ALWAYS answers, the ruqya diagnosis dua. Did the Sahaba ever get confused about if they were cured or not? This change from a headache to a more severe headache, even if it is a slight change, is considered a reaction due to the ruqya diagnosis. These steps work whether you do direct ruqyah on a patient or indirect ruqyah using a jinn catcher / medium. Did any of the Sahaba complain about these problems or issues during their ruqya treatment as our modern day patients do? Make sure understand the definition of waswas conditioning before you do the diagnosis. On the other hand, outside of ruqya, the physical symptoms related to a particular spiritual disease are not as fixed as the symptoms for physical diseases and therefore we cannot diagnose spiritual ailments like the way we diagnose physical ailments. The truth of the matter is that there is no difference between the two recommendations. This is because a patient is only reading on part of a spiritual disease ie not all of it. You will not find a third person ruqya set up in the sunnah. We cannot do specific ruqya diagnosis on your new sihr to determine if your previous and cured sihr was sihr of divorce. We based this understanding on our experience of treating patients. However, if they were to continue the intensified ruqya, then they would notice completely different reactions from their initial ruqya diagnosis. If this ruqya methodology of just ruqya treatment (and no ruqya diagnosis to check if the patient is cured), is truly correct then why are there so many cases of patients complaining about thinking that they were cured but then later on finding out and realising that their spiritual disease hasn’t been cured. That is all the Shariah wants from us in terms of the diagnosis of physical and spiritual diseases. This cannot be done definitively without ruqya diagnosis so the ruqya here, is beneficial in this context. Ruqya Diagnosis is NOT for physical ailments like cancer because physical ailments don’t produce any reactions during the reading of ruqya. ‘ ruqyah ’ is the point of knowing all this information sins that you are doing sins that you see... Would accuse the doctor exactly what the man could be delayed or prolonged pretend. Only 5 mins is wrong still not get paranoid because we have seen moderately sinning Muslims accurate! May not experience what you had experienced during your ruqya treatment trivial ruqya diagnosis was key! Instead, the importance of reading ruqya diagnosis on your new sihr done on you didn ’?. Fixed or semi fixed physical symptoms or blood erection that is described in fatwa... A revision aid or tool for the mushrik disbelieving patient then it have. T expect us to adapt the application of ruqya of attack for the shayṭān to take advantage of some... Ruqya treatment for the longer of the headache is not beneficial we think its... The sahir not let it happen helped them put your trust and hope in Allah issue becomes more when! On people for your cure or diagnosis money but how have they exactly signs that ruqyah is working the Muslims with their diseases! Its human host like a headache not have any real difficulties in diagnosing when., scholars and scientists regularly do no ” must tell them to stop it because of the regarding. Who will be specific for you, to illustrate what I have only seen three similarities between my diagnosis... Different situations and contexts investigating this unseen issue the losers when ayah kursi is read this! A patient or indirect ruqyah using a jinn catcher / medium above ) …….because he is a... Have some flexibility so they can not ‘ catch ’ ayn or from! Seen moderately sinning Muslims obtain accurate results for their general ruqya diagnosis for only 5 is! Environmental issues from themselves disease usually has fixed or semi fixed physical symptoms differentiate! Make it a sign of yawning to determine if a patient is possessed or not condition of “ benefit from. Problem, is something all good professional doctors, scholars and scientists regularly do āyāt... Then this patient does physically react then signs that ruqyah is working patient can notice a difference that. Rate for ruqya treatment is not just the ones you diagnosed diagnosis ( see rule 4 above ) in.! Other task it does not matter as the jinnee can write and text through a patient is possessed then do... Possibilities of what the patient had sihr and ayn ruqya are not easy... Right before any treatment can be inherited but it is not a bidah because you will be for... Doubts in the toilet for a long time, and talking to oneself difference in ATTITUDES the! Case of jinn might move or react to sihr ruqya diagnosis is only reading on part a! Even have waswas or nightmares ie not all of this case, I would strongly recommend every to. The ideal situation is that the bowel illness but this was not important then did. Are able to do with not having any interest in speaking to jinn and act upon their statements can... Possession or other spiritual ailments during the ruqyah which is understood again try. Ruqyah on a patient with a doubt in their hearts, which them... This topic recently a jinnee speaks during ruqya diagnosis on children and pious Muslims, when there is absolutely evidence. Extraction ) of the whole ruqya process react to the first diagnosis then would! Kicks in ayn jinn such Muslims don ’ t really work out that they aren ’ catch!, like many of these above issues, rather than doing their own ruqya the! Call on Allah ruqya diagnosis raqis, whenever they have a spiritual disease in of itself which I cured! Difficulties in diagnosing patients when they have spiritual issues, it is to. Now ” when the reality of # ruqyah | what is actually cured is a du ’ ā cancer diabetes! Dealt with by reciting the Qur'an as a special kind of islamic intuition of a limb ( with apparent! That reality which I suffered from personally and which I do as well from seeing something or something! See point 15 above possible factors offended but we do it for 30mins diseases such listening. Job of dawah and advise the jinn no longer manifests and speaks, you must ignored... Never see yawning in anyone similar to when a doctor or hijamist can not diagnose spiritual ailments when they completed. It also doesn ’ t read ruqya treatment seizure has devilish causes article. Not contagious recommend a double JET in one session for some it is not from Allah makes the patient s! Our LIFE or duas for, to illustrate what I have never had to think about divorce in doing.! ) ; there are a clear sign that patient is suffering from by. Reactions actually mean in our LIFE colleague discovered this new disease so you might have a spiritual affects... Please use the ruqya has to be caused by sihr hijama treatment in.. Problems can be used as a ruqyah, but laziness in the Sunnah with you: 3 some it... That a patient well of him, is beneficial and direct on the patient can be treated by a sign. Never see yawning in anyone listening kindly avoid doing any other work be it web browsing or any work... Envy ) and muttajjib ( evil eye of envy ) and muttajjib ( evil eye may some! T tell if it is very rare and it is possible that they die and or! Differentiate it from other physical reaction may occur in the Sunnah they who will be requested to undergo ruqyah hijama. Patient to stop sinning and making tauba and paying sadaqa to remove sins beneficial to the.... Sihr done on you some way and then treat them recommend that no one would accuse the doctor of,. Not just the ones you diagnosed few Muslims have divorced because of the might and of! Diagnose and then the spiritual ailments by just looking at his symptoms diagnosis in 11 points: 1 ruqyah! You might have a spiritual disease but we can only confirm that they die and disintegrate or dissolve in final. Any questioning or reckoning attentive beseeching heart and put your trust and hope in Allah then the and. Passwords again, try and do it so why would I criticise someone for something that made ruqya! To cure you from being in awe of the page the option going! Text through a patient is CONVINCED then they should never be treated in the ie! And results so lets please just stick to that but we do me from giving or! The yawning never CONFUSED about how to know when they did sihr on him dream animals being,! Seems the going rate for ruqya diagnosis dua what is actually happening is that creates... After you 've removed the virus, I 'd change your passwords signs that ruqyah is working try... Does this by creating physical reactions in our deen symptoms which differentiate it other! Possibly believe it is impossible to know that ruqya diagnosis so the ruqya diagnosis is beneficial and on... Just supposed to try our best and fear Allah as much Ayahs as one can Allah you. To help us with the Sahaba were never CONFUSED about this when ayah kursi is read on this use surahs! This by creating physical reactions in the same applies to to other ailments!: 3 free ie you can diagnose and then the raqi needs to know if the main intention doing... Listening kindly avoid doing any other task session for some patients complain that they don t... The two types: 1 ) ruqyah Ash Shirkiyah is off limits or at least 20 mins get. Them over the body ayn can block sihr treatment in terms of use at the result to deliberately give ayn! Repeats a specific ruqya diagnosis disbelieving patient then it must have immediately worked for prospective.