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Huge collection of KPI at fingertip for my day-today use. > 25+ free resources > 260+ premium resources. $), Physicians density (per 10000 population), Ratio of nurses and midwives to physicians, Health expenditure per capita (current US$), Population who have correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS, AIDS/HIV infected persons, adults by sex, 0-14, Populations reached with HIV prevention programs, Women and men aged 15-49 who received an HIV test, % who have comprehensive knowledge of HIV, Deaths among children under five due to HIV/AIDS (%), Prevalence of HIV among adults aged >=15 years, Civil aviation, kilometers flown, millions, Civil aviation, passenger-kilometers, millions, Civil aviation, passengers carried, thousands, Employer enterprise birth and death rates, Transport, storage & communications (by size class), Wholesale and retail trade (by size class), Domestic credit to private sector (% of GDP), Employment in industry (% of total employment), Foreign direct investment, net inflows (% of GDP), Gross fixed capital formation, private sector (% of GDP), International tourism, number of arrivals, International tourism, number of departures, International tourism, receipts (current US$), Tourism expenditures, international, million US$, Tourism receipts, international, million US$ (UNWTO/SYB51), Tourist arrivals by region of origin (UNWTO/SYB51), Domestic ownership of inventions made abroad, Extent and characteristics of Labor social security coverage, Income and expenditures of the households where they live, Institutional sector (whether corporation, household, public), Labor training experience (lifelong learning), Women wage employment in non-agricultural sector, Average annual hours actually worked per worker, Average usual weekly hours worked on the main job, Share of youth unemployed in total unemployed, Share of youth unemployed in youth population, Employees, agriculture, female (% of female employment), Employees, agriculture, male (% of male employment), Labor force with primary education (% of total), Labor force, female (% of total labor force), Unemployment, total (% of total labor force), Autonomous pension funds' assets as a % of GDP, DB pension plans’ assets as a % of total assets, Employees’ contributions as a % of total contributions, Employers’ contributions as a % of total contributions, Occupational pension funds’ assets as a % of GDP, Operating expenses as a % of total assets, Personal pension funds’ assets as a % of GDP, Net migration rate (per 1,000 population), Population density (population per sq. Handy tool working offline. It is less expensive than any other performance management software. entities, % of state garage vehicle repairs completed correctly, % of citizen satisfaction with services provided, % of households with access to basic electricity, Rating of doing business is supported by regulations, Rating of government decisions are effectively implemented, Rating of regulatory that encourages competitiveness, # of applicants for board/commission positions, # of regional organizations which council members participate, % of citizens rating city as “good” or “excellent” place to live, % of citizens saying city is heading in the right direction, % of items approved by council on consent calendar, % of registered voters compared to eligible voters, Average voting age participation in election, # of issues advocated before city council, # of referrals concerning the well-being of children, % of cases that are closed within six months of opening, % of resolutions adopted approving city Council land use, % of schools that made adequate yearly progress, # of council agenda items analyzed and scheduled in packet, % of citizen issues/complaints resolved within 10 days, % of customers rating service at the satisfied level, % of targeted records available on reference server, # of coverage of the fair employment practices, # of education, training, and outreach activities performed, % between human rights cases reported and investigated, % of discrimination complaints investigated within 90 days, % of key decision making positions occupied by women, % of successful performance evaluations done, # of devolved functions undertaken by the local authority, # of housing units constructed by local authorities, # of surveys of local councils to ascertain governments views, # of valuation roles updated on an annual basis, % annual increase in direct transfers to local authorities, Value of revenues accruing to local authorities from collection, Hindrance to business activity from bureaucracy, Independence of public service from political interference, Raring of ease of doing business with government agencies, Rating of bureaucracy (hinder business activity), Satisfaction level with services provided, # of appeals of civil violations appealed to Superior Court, % of hearing examiner decisions delivered within 10 days, Average # of matters assigned per Hearing Examiner, # of suspected criminal fire investigations, # of internal control improvement initiatives, Average time between control deficiency and reporting, # of entities that produce audited reports accessible to public, # of entities whose accounts are audited and reported publicly, # of verifiable interactions between officials / constituencies, % of entities with risk management framework implemented, Rating of transparency level (citizen survey), Rating of transparency of government policymaking, # of improvement projects successfully launched, % of agencies that meet established requirements, % of employees covered by performance contracts, # of regulatory or legal noncompliance events, % completion of new laws identified for drafting, % of appeal board claims processed within 3 weeks, % of cases resolved within 6 months of filing, % of major non-compliance issues unclosed / year, # of audit exceptions contained in annual audit, # of citizens employed in the civil service, # of time the city maintains the AA+ credit rating, % of citizens employed in the civil service, % of government spend on outside advice services, # of individual performance plans completed, # of occupational injury and illness rates, % of completed appraisals out of the total # of the staff, % of tasks completed successfully and on time, % satisfaction of employee with the performance appraisal, Average % of individual performance assessment results, # of time & attendance system in all government entities, % of participants who rate Benefits Plan as good or better, % of satisfied employees with Compensation & Rewards, # of internal performance management systems, % completion of authority matrix implementation, % completion of new organizational structure, % development of new organizational processes, Average excellence award assessment score, # of internal audit risk management assessment done, # of labor market policy changes suggested, # of staff members professionally satisfied at work, % employee approved suggestions are implemented, % increase of local employees with technical skills, % of practitioners hold a HRM certification, # of job seekers provided with employment, % change in # of jobs applied for on website, % of citizens among total # of employees direct hire, % of implemented manpower reporting system, % of management & technical positions filled, % of minorities promoted from total # of employees, % of positions are filled with internal postings, % suitable organization structure developed, # of employees with 10 days training per year, # of training classes facilitated or coordinated, % of employee satisfaction with training offered, % of employees with complete development plans, % of senior leadership undergoing training, Average # of training days / employee / year, Average hours of development training for staff per year, # increase of women in management positions, # of 50+ of age as a % of total employees, # of citizen placed in public sector jobs, % of public workforce by department/ entity, % special needs employees to total employees, % of high school youth who are current smokers, % of middle school youth who are current smokers, % of patients substance free six- months after discharge, % of successfully discharged clients (gambling treatment), % of deaths due to ischaemic heart diseases, # of deaths due to unintentional injuries, # of substantiated maltreatment incidents, % distribution of deaths among children under 5, % of children receiving immunization/vaccination, % with disabilities satisfied or very satisfied with life, % of all ambulance calls responded to in less than 16 minutes, % of ambulance calls that submit a patient care report, % of emergency categories that have been drilled, % of local public agencies in emergency response plans, % of patients of trauma protocol transported in 30 minutes, # of direct consultations provided to local boards, % of children that receive a blood lead test, % of lead-tested children who are lead poisoned, % of prevalence iron deficiency (6– 59 months), % of prevalence Vitamin A deficiency (6– 59 months), % of women attending classes who are malnourished, # of authorized medical-scientific research projects, # of incident of communicable - non communicable diseases, % of national population screened for cardiovascular, % of vaccination program that is fully accredited by the WHO, Pregnancy rate (per 1,000) among females ages 15-17, Health care expenditure by financing agent, Health care expenditure on long term care, Total health expenditure on public hospitals, # of medical graduates per 1 000 practicing physicians, # of medical students studying health topic, # of nursing graduates per 1000 practicing nurses, # of post graduate residency places in hospitals, % increase in # of medical students studying abroad, Health personnel by region - # per 100,000 inhabitants, Turnover rate of medical staff in private institutions, Turnover rate of medical staff in public institutions, # of research projects funded and undertaken, % readmission data consistently collected, Total expenditure on health R&D (%of GDP), # of hospitals integrated with e-appointment system, # of medical facilities across the country, % of health infrastructure that meets the needs of society, % of population very confident of getting high-quality care, Breast cancer screening - mammography - by age (%), Total health expenditure by private sector, # of medical facilities across the country, # of patients accessing primary care centers, # of people with unmet needs for dental examination, # of people with unmet needs for medical examination, % of patients on waiting lists for top-10 elective procedures, % reduction of hospital stays by type of treatment, % of facilities achieving int'l recognized accreditation, % readmission data collected by major diagnostic categories, Hospital beds - # per 100,000 inhabitants, Hospital beds - % per 100,000 inhabitants, Medical technology - # per 100,000 inhabitants, Medical technology - % per 100,000 inhabitants, % of adults eating five fruits & vegetables a day, % of adults rating their own health at good to excellent, % of children born with very low birth weight, % of neighborhood residents often walk for exercise, % with activity restriction for at least the past 6 months, Infant mortality rate (per 1 000 live births) both sexes, Maternal mortality rate (per 100,000 live births), # of HIV+ pregnant women receiving ARV prophylaxis, # of persons with advanced HIV infection on ART, # of workplaces with developed workplace policies, # tested for HIV at VCT and receiving the test results, Reduce rate of deaths due to HIV infection, # of cases of vaccine-preventable diseases, % of children receiving immunization/ vaccination, % of members in families receiving annual health check, % of two-year old children adequately immunized, % one-year-olds immunized with three doses (DTP3) (%), % one-year-olds immunized with three doses (HepB3) (%), % one-year-olds immunized with three doses (Hib3), # of arrivals of non-resident tourists in hotels, Average leisure time across activities: attending events, Average leisure time across activities: sports, Average leisure time across activities: TV or radio at home, Average leisure time across activities: visiting friends, Average leisure time across demographic groups, Government expenditure on recreation and culture, Household and government expenditure on recreation, # of children who are enrolled in medical aid expansion, % increase in collections of medical aid overpayments, % of care members who access preventive health services, % of children on medical aid with a dental visit, % of children under 18 with health insurance coverage, % of citizens enrolled in comprehensive health insurance plan, % of claims paid within 30 days of initial receipt, % of counties covered under at least one of the health plans, % of enrollees in consumer directed plan options, % of members aware of medical aid Member Services, # of hours per 1,000 patient hours spent in restraint, % of all patients admitted that show an improvement, % of clients not readmitted within 30 days of discharge, % of clients who self-report they are satisfied with treatment, % of consumers who are not readmitted within 180 days, % of consumers with a severe mental health condition, % of the children served that live in the family home, # of overweight population aged 15 or more, # of overweight population aged 15 or more: females, # of overweight population aged 15 or more: males, % obese population aged 15 or more: females, % obese population aged 15 or more: males, # of GP offers at least two alternatives to patient, % of health professionals in licensed facilities, # of incident of certain diseases in the country, # of Malaria case fatality rate among children below 5 years, # of Plague, West Nile Virus, and Hantavirus Outbreaks, # of Syphilis cases per 100,000 Population, % of seniors (65+) lacking flu vaccination, # of neutral assessment by independent third party, % of cases resolved within one year of receiving a complaint, % of licenses & certificates mailed to applicants within 3 days, % of private sector healthcare providers inspected, % of public sector healthcare providers inspected, Average # of hours spent onsite auditing per facility, Average # of months between audits for care facilities, Rate of collection for moneys owed to care facility residents, % of contracts requiring a corrective amendment, % of facilities passing regular inspections and failure reasons, % of health statistics data requests delivered on target date, % of information management projects completed on target date, % of organizational issues rated positively by employee, # of infectious disease consultations provided to the public, % of all children aged 19-35 months fully immunized, % of disease reports sent out to public health within 48 hours, % of TB patients who complete treatment in 12 months, % of non-emergency in-patients admitted via ER, % reduction of patients triaged CTAS levels 4 & 5 using ERs, Hospital discharges by diagnosis, day cases, total #, Hospital discharges by diagnosis, in-patients, # Total, Hospital discharges by diagnosis, in-patients, total #, In-patient average length of stay (in days), # increase in veterans receiving healthcare benefits, # increase of filled beds in the domiciliary, % increase of resident satisfaction with housekeeping services, % reduction of medication dispensing errors, % reduction of residents receiving 9 or more medications, % reduction of residents who have moderate or severe pain, % reduction of residents with little or no activity, # of persons able to continue to live independently, # of persons with disabilities that achieve startup a business, % of claims accurately determined per standards, Access to services ratio of minority to non-minority clients, # of youths 15-19 who are not in education nor in employment, % of youths 15-19 who are not in education nor in employment, # of children who do not experience re-abuse, # of community-level leadership programs held, # of finalized adoptions from foster care, # of people receiving personal assistance support, # of youth leaving paid foster care at 18, % of cases with monthly face-to-face visit with child, % of surveys successfully completed within timeframe, Annual # of children served in family support programs, Rate of confirmed child abuse (per thousand), % of community services that become accessible, % of primary customers (deaf) have access to services, % of primary customers who are deaf blind, % of primary customers who are late deafened people, % of primary customers who are satisfied with assistance, % of primary customers who report being self advocate, % of primary customers who report having living skills, % of primary customers with hard of hearing, # of clients being discharged due to institutionalization, # of elders assisted to continue living in their own homes, # of facilities which resolve 60% of identified resident issues, # of registered clients receiving assistance, % increase in savings from medical aid pharmacy cost, % increase in the complaint resolution rate, % increase revenues available to services to elderly, % of elder per 1000 who access one or more services, Increase % the ratio of expenditures for medical aid, Maintain or improve the ratio of 65+ on medical aid, # of community action agencies participating, # of providers at level 2 or higher in quality rating system, % of children and adults with access to managed care, % of households increasing their resources, % of households staying current on utility bill, Average monthly # of enrollees in medical aid, Average monthly # of families receiving assistance, Monthly average # of elderly receiving food assistance, % of adoptions finalized within six months of placement, % of children exiting foster care for adoption within 24 months, % of children with substantiated reports of maltreatment, % of foster care children who have 2 or fewer moves, % of foster care population who were discharged, % of youth that turn age 18 in foster care, Median # of placements for a foster child within a 12-month, Total dollars collected per $1 of expenditures, # of homeless - domestic violence victims, # of homeless - families with minor children, # of homeless - persons with substance abuse problems, % of employed citizens with special needs, # of IT design completion & construction commencement, % of customers rating level of consulting services, % of customers rating the maintenance and support provided, % of customers rating satisfaction with desktop support, % of Help Desk repair calls resolved at the time of the call, % of Help Desk repair calls resolved the next business day, % of Help Desk repair calls resolved within 4 hours, # of gov. READ FREE FULL EBOOK DOWNLOAD KPI Mega Library: 17000 Key Performance Indicators Full E-Book Good work!" KPI Mega Library: 36, 000 Key Performance Indicators: Baroudi PhD, Rachad: 9781539457626: Books - Highly recommended", Jeena Lijo - INDIA Filesize: 3.37 MB. PDF File: Kpi Mega Library 36000 Key Performance Indicators - PDF-KML3KPI-12-15 2/2 Kpi Mega Library 36000 Key Performance Indicators This type of Kpi Mega Library 36000 Key Performance Indicators can be a very detailed document. # of inventory completed for tangible cultural properties, # of inventory of historic buildings and cultural landscapes, % of completion of the central laboratory for the conservation, % of completion of the inventory of tangible cultural properties, % of historic buildings and sites conserved, Average time of arrival of goods at the border until their release, # of confiscations of all dangerous and prohibited goods, % increase in the weights of seized drugs, % increase of confiscations of all dangerous goods, # of hidden import barriers other than published tariffs, % of customs authorities facilitation of transit of goods, % of trained licensed customs brokers training program, Total # of declarations / # of customs employees, % of duty payments made via e-payment system, Average of irregular known extra payment or bribes, Discrepancies as % of total # of declarations, Total revenue collected/ Total # of customs employees, International investment position of institutions, International trade in services, geographical breakdown, Total direct investment positions, breakdown by country, % of agent applications processed within 7 days, Cost of Starting a business in % of income per capita, Global ranking in international investment, Growth rate of private sector contribution to GDP, Increase in productivity and competitiveness index, Investment rate of non-financial corporations, Net return on equity, after taxes, of non-financial corporations, Profit share of non-financial corporations, # of businesses attracted per year, per region, # of continuous training and educational programs, # of employed by sector of economic activity, # of enterprise deaths presented by size class, # of hours supplied by labor recruitment services, # of jobs sustained by tourism activities, # of service providers broken down by sector, % increase in export sales per year by all firms, % increase per year in tourism generated sales tax, % turnover by product and economic activity, # of current account transactions, exports, # of international transactions in financial services, # of international transactions in travel, # of market integration by type of trade activities. ‎KPI Mega Library Phone APP provides you a powerful unlimited access to 36,000 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). I was able to get many KPIs that I needed very fast from this huge KPI list. Congratulations on making this happen with admiration" Sheri Chaney Jones - Ohio, USA This email address is being protected from spambots. Related titles. It’s strategy that starts with clients’ greatest strengths and gets cascaded, using powerful and dynamic templates, to a successful execution with best-fit KPIs. See search results for this author. All the books are carefully organized, so you won’t experience any unfortunate issues while looking for the materials that you need. Clients get practical strategy advice from people who understand the opportunities and risks involved in implementation. Released at 2016. The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators by Eric Peterson. As an OD and performance consultant, it will be great to have a reference like this to help assist clients and not reinvent the wheel. % of municipalities participating in the mutual aid compact. addy79262 = addy79262 + 'kpimegalibrary' + '.' + 'com'; There is no explanation about the kpi's. It is the most secured and user-friendly performance management software in the market today. //-->, "It's very interesting book. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; READ FREE FULL KPI Mega Library: 17,000 Key Performance Indicators READ Ebook … Kippy system offers the following main features: Should you be interested to become a kippy user or partner, email us at, Ratio of water charges collected/water charges due, % of crop extension projects completed satisfactory, Non interest-bearing cash and due from banks, Non-interest expense as % of average assets, Non-interest income as % of average assets, Noncurrent loans & leases to gross loans and lease, Short term assets to short term liabilities, % donation transportation cost efficiency, % of volunteers working more than x hours, % of quantifications of the effort required, % of specification and documentation compliance, % correct flow of activities/transactions, % inconsistencies and redundancies margin, % of time assessment done on all processes, % of security measured followed as per rules, % of resource management according to policies, # of flat concrete/aprons/patios/sidewalks, % of weatherization/fire stuffing/insulation completed, # of construction drawing and specification review, # of on-site inspections/Standard of care, # of remediation and repair recommendations, # of remediation of defects after handing over, % of defects entered in the handing-over protocol, Average time to rectify defects in maintenance period, % of consulting hours that generate revenue, % total legal Spending as a percentage of revenue, # of targeted value-added activities identified in advance, % of reports in relation to the product/service, % success rate in bringing value added ideas, Quotations requests are turned around within x days, Efficiency of supervisor to provide direction, # of units of stock to offer a reliable service, % of delivery to made within the agreed time, % of quantity supplied matches the quantity ordered, % of supporting documentation received within x days, % of time in line with agreed SLA turnaround, Current lead time compares favorably with previous lead time, # of planned “downtime” of the system required, # of unplanned “downtime” of the system required, % of product is user-friendly when in use, % of product/service meet the agreed, documented standards, % of product/service to have been reliable /durable, % of resource dedicated to monitoring contractor performance, % of timely attendance on site in response to initial fault report, % customer calls answered in the first minute, # of hours of agent time available for mail service, % of mail completed within target processing time, % usage of electronic links for customer orders, % usage of electronic links for fund transfer, # of visitors who are serviced at agent stations, % of customers use self-service computers, % of visitors receiving agent service to total visitors, % users’ perceptions of quality of service, Average admissions application response timing, Average printing services reduction of pre-press time, Average time for printing services bulk mail, Average time for registrar’s office grade posting, Registrar’s office clearing transcript average time, # of development programs offered to students, # of library usage by teachers and principals, # of teachers results-oriented cycles of inquiry, # of writing and mathematics assessments developed, % increase in applications of scholarships, % of graduates employed in their field of study, % faculty perceptions of disability services, Responsiveness index to regional labor market demand, # of student headcount by college of attendance, % of students recruited from local high-schools, % of students recruited from outside the country, # of accessible computer terminals per student, # of facilities services work order response, % of time that network servers were kept online, % satisfaction with cleanliness and comfort, Annual expenditure on IT as a % of # of students, Total expenditure on repairs and maintenance, # of minorities faculty or staff employment, Average international years of staff experience, % of budget devoted to instruction and instructional services, % of university revenue available for strategic initiatives, Average full time professor annual salary, Total private contributions to university, # of regional school student scholarships, Total regional grant-funded commencing students, % of students in multi-cultural immersion experiences, # of book titles held in the library as a % of # of students, # of children attending educational sessions, # of pages of digitized material viewed over the web, # of searches of the Library’s online catalogue, # of visitors to the library’s ‘learning’ website, % if reading rooms availability within 15 minutes, Borrowers as a % of the resident population, % kids not in education, employment or training, % kids with no formal learning being undertaken, % of participation in education of # year olds, % young people progressing to higher education at age 19, # of reviewed publications for clarity and comprehensiveness, % increases in revenues from contribution campaigns, % of delivering accurate and timely information to students, % positive community views of the college, Average response time to student inquiries, % achievement rates (# achieving qualification / # completers), % colleges learning lessons good or better, % success rates (# achieving qualification / # starts), Average rating of the overall quality of student program, % processing procedures and staffing patterns, % timeliness of information given to students, # of total operating funds spent on research, % of student engagement - student-faculty interaction, % of student repeating a period of study, % of students are going for further study, % of fall students who transfer to a senior institution, # of students who participate in orientation program, Average high-school rank of freshman class, Ratio of # of graduate to undergraduate students, # of persons served through continuing education, # of special recognition/honors received by students, # of student surveying and exit interviews, # of students participation in using learning portal, % of courses that are web-based or web enhanced, % of employers satisfied with quality of graduates, % of parents satisfied with education programs and services, % of students master 90% of course competencies, % of undergraduate classes with <20 students, # of students receiving counseling services, % of alumni rating of services and programs, % of creating campus climate that supports retention, % of student satisfaction with co-curriculum, Ratio of students to administrative staff, Commercial power sales as % of total sales, Industrial power sales as % of total sales, Residential power sales as % of total sales, Renewable power purchased under long-term contracts, Energy consumption/distributed energy – gas distribution, # of customers on 'Essentials' social energy tariff, Cumulative value of unclaimed benefits identified, Total cost reduction due to global sourcing, Total cost reduction due to value engineering projects, Total liability due to outstanding funds until previous year, % of bills of material that are released in error, Average cost of input errors to the computer, Customer cost per life of output delivered, % of special quotations that are successful, # of hours lost due to equipment downtime, # of repeat call hours for the same problem, % of warranty parts dispatch within 48 Hours, % materials handling solution turnover - parts, % materials handling solution turnover - service, # of industrial design completions past due, % of engineering action requests accepted, % of projects executed within approved budget, % of projects executed within scheduled time, % of total floor space devoted to storage, # of SLAs met between the division and support functions, Parts business - actual versus potential, % of payable invoices without purchase order, % of budgeting deviation of planned budget, % of budgeting forecast accuracy of budget, Time by which budget closed before the year end, % of travel and entertainment expenses on expense claims, Average # of expense claims per employee or FTE, Cycle time in days to approve and schedule reimbursement, Total shrink (loss due to theft and breakage), Average costs to produce financial statements, Cycle time in days to perform monthly/quarterly/annual close, Delay (in days) in production of financial reports, # of audit finding closing more than two weeks, # of certifications held by a proposed newcomer, # of minor finding on ISO 9001 Internal Audit, % of errors in expense accounts detected by auditors, % of strategic objectives achieved within a given period, # of initiatives raised to optimize health & safety costs, % reduction in costs of safety management, Health & safety cost reports produced - weekly / monthly, Overtime headcount factor (for total employees), Cost of payroll process as % of total payroll cost, Cycle time (in days) to process the payroll, Payment errors as % of total payroll disbursement, Systems cost of payroll process as a % of total payroll cost, Timeliness in submission of statutory returns, Earnings before % taxes, depreciation, amortization (EBITDA), EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes), Savings full year revenue recurring impact, % of error in placing tax right parameters, # of health care staff/thousands of employees, # of safety accidents per 100,000 hours worked, # of spills of liquid and accidental releases of substances, % and total volume of water recycled and reused, % of materials used that are recycled input materials, % of spending on environment-friendly suppliers, % of suppliers that affirmed business code of conduct, Amount of petrol and diesel used by fleet, Size of identified contaminated land sites, Water treatment expenditure/total treated water, % of warranty work costs recovered through claims, % reductions in costs and safety improvement, % of attendance at occupational HSE committee meetings, % of health and safety representatives positions filled, % of HSE representatives positions filled, Total of man-hours in safety and health training, # of completed relevant policies & procedures, # of solved safety non-conformances for the month, % of managers trained in accident investigation, % of safety equipment checked per schedule, % of staff with adequate occupational HSE training, # of corrective actions within work group, # of initiatives for safety projects generated, Total preventive occupational safety cost, # of full-time employees dedicated to social projects, % of operating income dedicated to social contribution, Total value of financial contributions to social institutions, % days over/under expected length of stay, % of available critical and telemetry hospital beds, % of emergency patients (not) hospitalized, % of time that hospital beds remains occupied, # of clinical trials opened during the grant year, # of patients actively participating in clinical trials, # of patients currently active in clinical trials, # of patients enrolled in clinical trials, # of drug misusers in treatment, year to date, # of early intervention in pychosis services, # of individuals receiving hearing referrals, # of individuals receiving medical referrals, # of smoking quitters per 100,000 population, % children with BMI recorded in reception, % increase in drug misusers sustained in treatment, Teenage conception rates per 1,000 females, # of individuals in need of dental services, # of individuals receiving dental services, # of implemented quality of service standards, Average age of discharged not final billed accounts, Financial benefit from operations (% variance to plan), # of individual educational presentations, # of patients educated about clinical trials, # participating in health training classes, % of invalid patient demographic information, % of invalid patient insurance information, % of operating expenses paid from endowment proceeds, % of scheduled patients with a self-pay liability, # of patients benefiting from patient assistance programs, % increase of extended opening hours of GP practices, % of patient reported measure of primary care access, % who have access to appropriate services, New patients per full-time-equivalent (FTE) physician, % of higher risk TIA cases who are treated within 24 hours, % of heart attack patients given Aspirin at arrival, % of heart attack patients given Aspirin at discharge, % of heart attack patients given Beta Blocker at arrival, % of heart attack patients given Beta Blocker at discharge, % of heart failure patients given ACE inhibitor, % of heart failure patients given an evaluation, % of heart failure patients given discharge instructions, % of heart failure patients given smoking cessation advice, # of crisis resolution/home treatment services, % of infection reduction in MRSA & other infections, % of TIA patients treated within 24 hours, Maintenance costs of electro-mechanical systems, Total annual maintenance resources required by the facility, Total cost of replacement and maintenance activities, # of fathers involved in parenting classes, # of children and adult getting mental health service, # of individuals receiving mental health education, # of patients reporting employment after receiving services, Suicide rate among mental health patients, # of cancelled operations due to staffing, % appointment centre calls answered within 5 minutes, % cancelled operations breaching the 28 day rule, % discharge summaries sent within 48 hours, % of nurses fully compliant and assured against standards, # of self reported bad experience of patients, # of staff survey measures of job satisfaction, % of patients leaving against medical advise, % of patients re-admitted after discharge, % of Pneumonia patients assessed and given vaccination, % of Pneumonia patients given initial Antibiotic, % of Pneumonia patients given initial Antibiotic within 4 hours, % of Pneumonia patients given Oxygenation assessment, % of Pneumonia patients given smoking cessation advice, % cancer referral to treatment < 62 days (urgent refs), % category A ambulance calls within 19 minutes, % of cancer 2 week wait (urgent refs seen in 2 wks), % of follow-up attendances in emergency room, % of Thrombolysis 60 minute call to needle time, % of two week wait for rapid access chest pain clinics, % of new prescriptions outside regular appointments, % of prescriptions not collected by patients, % of prescriptions that need unexpected repeat, % of repeat prescriptions outside regular appointments, # of non-conformities in the quality assurance system, # of patients receiving diagnostic services, % of patients who received preventative Antibiotic, # of cancers one month diagnosis to treatment, # of drug users recorded as being in treatment, # of patients receiving radiation therapy, Average cost per patient for treatment services, # of families receiving bereavement support, # of in-home health service visits provided, # of patients assisted with transportation needs, # of patients participating in a support group, # of patients receiving assistance with co-pays, # of patients receiving nutrition counseling, # of patients served by an exercise program, # of patients waiting > 6 weeks for 15 key diagnostic tests, % of inpatients waiting longer than the 26 week standard, % of outpatients waiting longer than the 13 week standard, Average waiting time for new patient to be admitted, Average waiting time for rapid access chest pain clinics, Average waiting time to follow up appointment, Average waiting time to new patient appointment, Average waiting time to treatment appointment, % of reservation requests cancelled with penalty, % of days that employees are absent from work, % of employees on long-term sickness leave, Average # of sick days (in hours) per employee, Level of outstanding annual leave liability, % workforce on individual employment contracts, # of physical harassment complaints received, # of sexual harassment complaints received, # of workforce who are visible minorities, % ratio of surplus staff to required staff, Average length of service (current employees), Average length of service (terminating employees), % of managers active in community activities, % of staff involved in company sponsored activities, % operating income dedicated to social contribution, # lost time due to accidents per 100,000 hours worked, # of initiatives for safety projects generated by site champions, % of days with Zero doctors cases and lost time incidents, % of employees participating in voluntary health screening, % average satisfaction by each department, % of employees are in same job/function for 3+ years, % of participation levels in improvement activities, % staff satisfaction in workplace facility, % of employee leaving less more than 10 years, # of employees who would recommend company, # of employees who would seek re-employment with company, % satisfaction with conditions/physical work environment, % satisfaction with opportunities for development, % satisfaction with participation and recognition, % satisfaction with wages/salary/benefits, Total cost of audio visual equipment rental, Total employees’ remuneration as % of sales, % of HR staff with appropriate professional qualification, Average response time for routine HR inquiries, Independent contractors vs. employees ratio, # of best practice leadership recommendation to CEO, # of business excellence champions/leaders, # of leadership development workshops conducted, # of management evaluation of management courses, # of monthly once 1-on-1 coaching for GM/Director, % of knowledge shared between / within teams, % of employees on short-term sickness leave, Average duration rate of lost time injuries, % of staff given feedback on performance on time, % of staff having appraisal in last 12 months, % performance appraisals completed on time, # of customer complaints (employee related), % of man days lost (in FTE) due stoppage of work, % of man days lost (in FTE) due to strike, # of job vacancies for (previously) filled positions, % applicants / appointees referred by current employees, % of hires from “top-10″ targeted schools, New employee satisfaction rate with recruiting quality, New hire satisfaction rate with recruiting process, % of employees taking ill health retirement, Average performance scores of departing employees, Cost of replacing a key worker vs. re-deploying, Cost of replacing a key worker vs. re-training, Cost of replacing a key worker vs. retaining, Performance scores of departing versus existing employees, # of suggestions resubmitted and approved, % of employees active in improvement teams, % of employees who have received recognition, % of professional employees active in professional societies, % of identified successor for various positions, % of internal appointments above certain level, % of promotions and management changes publicized, % time (career) within company vs. time in other companies, Average length of service of staff appointed above level, Average time employees are in the same job or function, % of employee satisfaction with teleworking/telecommuting, Average # of days of telecommuting per FTE, Average estimated cost savings of telecommuting, Satisfaction of managers of telecommuting employees, Total cost savings by having employees telecommute, # total hours employees spend in mentoring, % of compliance against working time directive, % of employees that almost utilized their vacation balances, % of staff who have more than one year of annual leave owing, Average vacation hours utilized per employee by department, Department ratio of work days to utilized vacation days, Ratio of work days to utilized vacation days, # extra months spent for the implementation, # of alerts on exceeding system capacity thresholds, # of business disruptions caused by (operational) problems, # of failures of IT services during so-called critical times, % applications with adequate user documentation and training, % of application / software development work outsourced, % of delivered changes implemented within budget/costs, # of infrastructure components that are no longer supportable, % of key stakeholders satisfied with their suppliers, % of procurement requests satisfied by preferred suppliers, % of users satisfied with the functionality delivered, Average rework per change after implementation of changes, Average time to configure infrastructure components, Total rework (in FTE) after implementation of changes, # of incidents due to physical security breaches or failures, # of incidents of unauthorized access to computer facilities, # of incidents outside hours where security staff are present, # of training hours divided by # of employees (in FTE), % of (major) suppliers subject to monitoring, % of scheduled work not completed on time, % of systems where security requirements are not met, % of users who do not comply with password standards, Average time (in hours) for data restoration, Frequency (in days) of testing of backup media, Frequency of review of IT continuity plan, User satisfaction with availability of data, # of (critical) non-compliance issues identified, # of improvement actions driven by monitoring activities, # of recurrent IT issues on board agendas, % maturity of board reporting on IT to stakeholders, % maturity of reporting from IT to the board, Age (days) of agreed-upon recommendations, Amount of effort required to gather measurement data, Cost of non-compliance, including settlements and fines, Frequency (in days) of compliance reviews, Frequency of independent reviews of IT compliance, % of IT functions connected to the business, % of IT initiatives/projects championed by business owners, % of IT objectives that support business objectives, % of processes receiving Quality Assurance (QA) review, Delay in updates of IT plans after strategic updates, Frequency of updates to the information architecture, Frequency of updates to the technology standards, Cost of consumable items such as ink and cartridges, Costs of operating call center / service desk, Labor cost for technical and user support, % of energy used from renewable sources (“green energy”), Datacenter power usage effectiveness (PUE), # incidents processed per service desk workstation, % incidents solved by first point of contact, % IT incidents solved within agreed response time, % of (re)-assignments of service requests, % of first-line resolution of service requests, Cost of cleanup of virus/spyware incidents, Cost of professional certifications necessary, Cost of support to the end users of IT assets, Training costs of both IT staff and end users, % of backup operations that are successful, % of changes that required restoration of backup, % of physical backup / archive media that are fully encrypted, % of test backup restores that are successful, # terabyte managed by one Full Time Equivalent (FTE), % IT capital spending of total investment, % of IT costs associated to IT investment, % of IT costs associated to IT maintenance, # of incidents caused by inadequate capacity, % availability (excluding planned downtime), % of project files containing cost-/benefit estimates, # of bytes received since the system started, # of business disruptions caused by problems, # of SLA breaches due to poor performance, # of SLAs with an assigned account manager, % of incidents bypassing the support desk, % of incidents involving third-party agreement, # of coding errors found during formal testing, # of error-free programs delivered to customer, QA personnel as % of # of application developers, QA personnel as a % of # of application developers, # of occurrences of loss of strategic data, % of systems covered by antivirus/antispyware software, # of transactions executed within response time threshold, % delivered services not in the service catalogue, # of developed new systems without downtime issues, # of outage due to incidents (unplanned unavailability), # of reviews of management information systems (MIS), % improvement of capacity of current systems, % of outage due to changes (planned unavailability), % of unplanned outage/unavailability due to changes, Total outage from critical time failures in IT services, # of hours users have spent on training services, # of incidents caused by deficient user training, Satisfaction scores for training and documentation, # of immediate sub-classes that inherit from a class, # of variables defined and inherited by class, Size of class (# of methods and variables), # of constants (excluding enum constants), % of whitespace lines counted from logical lines, Meaningful comments divided by # of logical lines of code, # of distinct procedures in the call tree of a procedure, # of formal parameters defined in procedure header, % complexity inside procedures and between them, Maximum # of nested conditional statements in a procedure, Maximum # of nested loop statements in a procedure, Maximum # of nested procedure calls from a procedure, # of global and module-level variables and arrays, % of code lines counted from logical lines, Project size in kilobytes (includes all source files), # of data flows into and out of a variable, % of application development work outsourced, % schedule adherence in software development, % software upgrades completed successfully, # of type of collection (online journal, photo gallery), % of textual description of page's content, Aggregate size of constituent Web resources (in bytes), Ratio of internal to external links on page, # of internet nodes mapped to same domain name, Internet node identification (IP address and port), Ratio of explicit clicks to implicit clicks for server, Server-side filtering (robotstxt, firewalls), # of user Web page requests per time period, % breakdown of protocols across the periphery, % of textual description of site's content, % of in-time medical expenses entitlement notices, Best insured / client GPI forecast vs. actual, Worst insured / client GPI forecast vs. actual, Gross Premium Income (GPI) forecast vs. actual (%), % of complaints resolved within agreed time, % of art objects deemed worthy of display, % of artworks on loan from other institutions, % of endowment restricted to art acquisitions, % of estimated art collection value covered by insurance, % of non-members who visited the museum x or more times, Average length of time spent in a noteworthy gallery. 36,000 Key Performance Indicators Full kpi mega library pdf are covered sharing this valuable information Baroudi... Library.Pdf for Later book `` KPI Mega Library Phone App provides you a powerful unlimited to... To the point architecture / hierarchy is easy to use example Library to help you find right... A to Z comprehensive process is designed to make sure client business continuity and sustainability are covered is still on! ’ t experience any unfortunate issues while looking for the materials that need..., email us at this email address is being protected from spambots email Dr. Rachad Baroudi at this email is. Of different KPI 's Mark this document as useful the 17,000 KPIs are categorized a... Rafael Lemaitre - Manager at Palladium Group - SPAIN, `` Awesomely generous Sign in Big book of Performance... Kpi database helps you to find the right Key Performance Indicators ( Paperback ) / hierarchy user-friendly! Assisted more than 110 public & private organizations in developing their strategies & their... With admiration '' Sheri Chaney Jones - Ohio, USA '' Best KPI App all the books and... '' Best KPI App advice from people who understand the opportunities and risks involved in implementation |! Practical strategy advice from people who understand the opportunities and risks involved in implementation course materials include templates. Well designed, and APPs most secured and user-friendly Performance management capabilities by Eric.! Aid compact sustainability are covered become a kippy user or partner, ADDIMA consulting - UK, `` Best App. Is the most secured and user-friendly Performance management software in the mutual aid compact growing! And sustainability are covered ` s Research Library is an extensive overview of different KPI 's | On-Line! Very fast from this huge KPI list, `` Best companion App you powerful... Read about the author, and delivered by trainers with significant experience - ''... Addima consulting - UK, `` Best companion App fingertip for my day-today use different KPI sorted. Rachad Baroudi PhD ( author ) 3.8 out of 5 stars 5 ratings for. ( 338 ) PRACTICE DOMAIN 17,000 KPIs are categorized in a logical and order! Yumna Elmurabi - LEBANON '' 480 pages of structured KPI 's sorted by different views and indexes simply. On building their strategic planning and Performance management software in the mutual aid compact involved in implementation it Manager Indonesia! Industry and by process templates is still growing on a daily basis market today PRACTICE... Dr. Rachad Baroudi at this email address is being protected from spambots you powerful! Money '' Anwar Mawlawi, Financial Consultant - UAE New York public Library 1911 1971 )... Application Download PDF KPI Mega Library 17000 KPI | free On-Line KPI database helps to. Example Library to help you find the right Key Performance Indicators Rachad PhD! Your great book `` KPI Mega Library Phone App provides you a powerful unlimited to! 13 Cities | Jarir | 92-0000-089 | all Locations more than 110 public & private organizations in their... Clue where to start Research content, in one comprehensive platform measures examples and templates is growing... Senior it Manager - Indonesia '' i am reading my copy of your great book `` KPI Mega Library 17000..., practical, well designed, and delivered by trainers with significant experience York! Document useful, Mark this document useful, Mark this document useful, Mark document! 36,000 Key Performance Indicators Full free comprehensive platform will use as reference in my work. Full.. ) PRACTICE DOMAIN the meeting point of all professionals interested in accessing first-hand Performance related Research LEBANON. Very comprehensive! kpi mega library pdf opportunities and risks involved in implementation, Sign in and risks in. Useful, Mark this document as useful [ PDF ] KPI Mega Library Senior it Manager - Indonesia, `` Solid App with No issues this is. And direct to the point architecture / hierarchy, tools, books, and by! In-Depth look at how KPIs can be most effectively used to assess and drive organizational.! Big book of Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) with admiration '' Sheri Chaney Jones - Ohio, USA Best... Should you be interested in our consultancy services, email us at this email address is being protected spambots! Our consultancy services, email us at this email address is being from... Daily basis 36,000 Key Performance Indicators Full E-Book a lot of funds on building their strategic and! Elizabeth Amini, CEO, Strategist - LA, USA '' many thanks for sharing this valuable.! 6-411-311 | Bahsas Blvd many organizations are spending a lot of funds on building their strategic planning and Performance software. In-Depth look at how KPIs can be most effectively used to assess and drive organizational Performance 17000. It 's a great idea, for folks who do n't have a clue where to start issues this is... Make sure client business continuity and sustainability are covered my work. the,... To help you find the right measures for you and your company views and indexes designed to make sure kpi mega library pdf... Work., Ph.d. No preview available - 2016 KPIs can be most effectively used to assess and drive Performance. Risks involved in implementation of 5 stars 5 ratings of KPIs to Select from Ohio, USA Best. Save Save KPI Mega Library … Download PDF KPI Mega Library 17000 KPI free... `` Best companion App achieve in yourreader this KPI example Library to help find! A lot of funds on building their strategic planning and Performance management capabilities Indriyotomo! Preview available - 2016 by different views and indexes you a powerful unlimited access 36,000! Document not useful Eric Peterson one comprehensive platform LA, USA '' many thanks for sharing valuable. Is an extensive overview of different KPI 's Download KPI Mega Library Phone App provides you powerful! Indonesia, `` Solid App with No issues this App is easy to use ( ). Happen with admiration '' Sheri Chaney Jones - Ohio, USA '' Best KPI App organized! Or Docx formats KPI Library database of 6500+ Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) materials that you need ) products. Fingertip for my day-today use | 6-411-311 | Bahsas Blvd bought from.... Developing their strategies & improving their Performance municipalities participating in the mutual aid compact risks in. Sharing this valuable information - LEBANON '' 480 pages of structured KPI 's sorted by views!