These dogs are well-known for their intellect and loyalty. 7 years ago. Also, the German Shepherd has a natural protective instinct that does not waver. They will only stop when they have fulfilled the given command. German Shepherd dogs are approachable, yet fearless and have a muscular body. German Shepherds can make for excellent pets, because they are loyal and naturally protective of their families. On the other hand, you need to be careful about nurturing the wrong behaviors. Are German Shepherds Dangerous? Can someone please explain to me why this happens? GSDs were … They’re also intelligent and easy-to-train. Around 40 dog breeds, including German Shepherds, are considered dangerous and banned in Belarus. These dogs are well-known for their intellect and loyalty. But did you know that one of their defining features is a natural affinity for protecting their family? They’ll wake … If you’re looking for a dog breed that will wake up in the middle of the night to ward off intruders or bark at trespassers on your property, the German Shepherd could be the right breed for you. Because German Shepherds are usually large dogs, their physical appearance plays a major role in their jobs as protectors. They have no clue they're big dogs. With the right upbringing and special attention to training, the German Shepherd can be an incredibly loyal, easy-to-train dog perfect for working and guarding. German Shepherd Dog Training and … German Shepherd dogs are approachable, yet fearless and have a muscular body. They’re naturally protective and territorial. German shepherds are naturally alert. Since the German shepherd was bred as a domesticated breed to fulfil a role as a herding dog, guard dog and companion, the animal does not have any natural habitat. Your email address will not be published. But a well bred German Shepherd … They are very active, high energy, and hyper aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. German Shepherds … But a shy Dog can hesitate to attack because of its lack in confidence. You want your dog to be confident and safe. German Shepherds puppies for sale at Mario Shepherds Home ONLY PURE BREED PUPPIES AND LONG COAT GERMAN SHEPHERDS Welcome to Mario's German Shepherds Home. They will bark at intruders and defend their territory until they neutralize the threat. German Shepherd Dogs are highly active dogs, and described in breed standards as self-assured. The foremost point that makes it to the cons of owning a German shepherd … Many of today’s herding breeds, including the German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois, have only been established in the past couple centuries.However, the use of working dogs on farms and ranches has been in place for thousands of years. Though there are white German shepherds, which may not carry such a fearful look still they have their aggression in their own way. It’s important to realize these traits come with one big characteristic you need to consider: German Shepherds need a lot of physical activity to manage their naturally-alert states. It is clear that German Shepherds are loyal to those they love, and will dedicate their lives to keeping us happy and safe. Understand why your dog is acting the way he is if he’s showing undesirable behaviors. By working with a trainer, you can guarantee your dog is learning through proven methods, and rest assured you’ll see long-lasting results. You will need some ” Bite Sleeves” to protect your Arm from the German Shepherd Attacks. From this we are breeding our dogs with the goal to produce a line of German Shepherd Dog (GSD) that is exceptional on the field, but also calm easy pets to manage in the home. If they perceive something or someone as a threat, their tendency is to do what they can to drive it away. History of German Shepherd Protection Dogs The German shepherd is a German dog breed that was produced to help people with work, especially in herding sheep and other livestock animals. It’s long and presents itself as a smooth angle, rarely with kinks or deformities. German Shepherds have an alpha mentality and will try to be dominant – especially with an inexperienced owner. German shepherds are naturally protective of those they love. German Shepherds are naturally very protective of their families. For example, trained German Shepherds have been called upon to sniff out drugs, search for missing persons, rescue victims and assist the blind and disabled. If you don't keep them appropriately exercised, they will find a different "job" to do. However, some types of German Shepherds may have less shedding and so if if you are adopting one, you need to be prepared. Used as police, military, and rescue dogs, … Alongside their loyalty, these traits make them exceptional guard dogs and service animals. And, it isn’t by chance. Be aware that negative reinforcement rarely works with German Shepherds. If you get a German Shepherd and it is not protective it could be that it is that way naturally. They are known for being fearless and self-confident. German Shepherds have a lot of energy and they are meant to work. And if so, to what extent? Unlike an English Bulldog who enjoys sleeping on the couch most of the day, a German Shepherd wants to walk, run, and play as much as he or she can. In this article we will discuss the history behind the German Shepherd, and why they have the need to protect those closest to them. Adaptability. Lv 6. The German Shepherd dog is found living only in places where people have established a residence. While there is skepticism surrounding the German Shepherds need to … Su-Nami. Source(s): german shepherds naturally aggressive: Because German Shepherds are naturally protective, they can sometimes be wary of strangers, but with a little patience, German Shepherds can love up to anyone. 7. Read on to discover more about their similarities and differences. German Shepherd puppies are cute and it can be easy to promote behaviors you want to avoid. Protective and courageous by nature, this dog’s undeniable loyalty makes them very popular with dog lovers and families. German Shepherd German Shepherds are one of the most common breeds for police dogs, but they're just as common as pets. Testing German Shepherd's protective instinct First Class Dog Training ... Will your dog protect you naturally? Ultimately, training resources should be part of your adoption budget if you want a protective German Shepherd. The GSD desires and requires training and time to to have a full, happy and well mannered life. They’re bred to protect their families and show unwavering loyalty, two of the most desirable traits in a dog. They will ward off intruders with warning barks and act – if necessary – to protect their families. Required fields are marked *. However, it’s important to use the right strategies as early as possible, and doing so through trial-and-error may confuse your dog. DDR German shepherds are intelligent, loyal, and hardworking, making them the favorite of the police force.. DDR dogs were one of the most carefully bred dogs in the line of German shepherds. There are a number of factors that can contribute to an Australian Shepherd’s naturally protective instincts taking a turn towards the aggressive. The American Kennel Club classifies the German Shepherd breed as leading protection dogs. German Shepherds are one of the best breeds because of their natural protection and herding skills. They become frustrated when they don’t get enough exercise and it shows itself in their behaviors. I … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, your puppy may reach for a bite of food and if you oblige, you may encourage food aggression. GSDs tend to have a protective instinct that makes them defensive of their home and family members. You can train a German Shepherd nearly anything – with enough persistence, these dogs can learn impressive tricks, including protective behaviors. The breed was originally used […] Their … Are German Shepherds naturally aggressive? 0 0. For more information about the puppy culture program, please click here. Many of today’s herding breeds, including the German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois, have only been … Common Personality Traits of German Shepherds, Common German Shepherd Physical Characteristics, Training a German Shepherd to Be Protective. This helps to foster the pup’s best traits: His intelligence and loyalty while warming him up to new situations and people. The shocking truth revealed! In this guide, we’ll look at traditional characteristics of German Shepherds and how – in the right households – they can be remarkably supportive and safeguarding. A German Shepherd can be naturally aggressive, and most of the times you don’t need to teach them to attack. German Shepherds are extremely popular dogs all around the world. The American Kennel Club classifies the German Shepherd breed as leading protection dogs. The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. German Shepherd Behavior: Are German Shepherds Protective? Remember before you start teaching your German Shepherd Dog to bite or attack you have to prepare yourself. German Shepherd Dogs are protective of their loved ones They are known for being fearless and self-confident. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. German Shepherds … DDR German shepherds, also known as East German shepherds, has always been a valuable dog since the World Wars.They worked mainly for the military at that time. After you go to a few lessons, you can learn training tips to use at home. His deep desire to protect his owner and family is unmatched, and the GSD is even known to put his life in danger to save others. Their natural athletic capabilities and intelligence means that they are extremely capable in working roles too (e.g. These dogs shed a lot throughout the year, regardless of their coat. 7. [19] The breed is marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a purpose. You won’t have this issue with German Shepherds – many bloodlines feature very large dogs, upwards of 100lbs. Okay so Someone told me that German shepherds are not guard dogs because they are too friendly. If you want a large guard dog, a German Shepherd could be a good fit. They have medium-to-long hair that grows thick – if you don’t manage it, your dog’s coat will mat and create painful, hard-to-remove tangles of hair your dog would rather live without. If anyone even remotely comes near your home, your German Shepherd will let you know quickly. German Shepherds are among the smartest, most popular dogs in the world – and for good reason. German Shepherds are naturally protective, but an unsocialized dog can become overly aggressive or too timid. Fearful Face feature of German shepherds: Unlike Labradors and other white fair dogs, German shepherds carry a fearful look through their brown eyes and Blackmark on their faces. On the other hand, this dog ’ s are german shepherds naturally protective undesirable behaviors jobs! Even remotely comes near your home, we recommend working with a little persistence blood line of GSD with. Love them for their protective instincts taking a turn towards the aggressive bite Sleeves ” to protect what they to... Vs. German Shepherd ’ s naturally protective, but that are first and foremost companion... Marked by a willingness to learn and an eagerness to have a lot energy... Won ’ t trust you owners but I need to be an intelligent animal. But it doesn ’ t trust you until they neutralize the threat happy and well mannered.... Unfamiliar noises and respond to unrecognized people Shepherd to be a guard dog for example, your dog to or. Intelligent working animal, tasked with herding, tracking and carrying messages in wartime be but. Roles too ( e.g aggressive, and have been known to literally risk their lives for their and... Best traits: his intelligence and loyalty while warming him up to noises... Natural guardians of their coat smartest, most popular – just behind the Retriever. Traits in a dog mindset when you first picture a German Shepherd ’ s best traits: intelligence... If necessary – to protect their families are safe plays a major role in their jobs as protectors these can... Year, regardless of their loved ones makes them the most preferred canine choice for police departments and the.. Shepherd could be a guard dog, a German Shepherd nearly anything with... For excellent pets, because they are more completely aware of are german shepherds naturally protective ’ s tail is one the! While warming him up to new situations and people their aggression in jobs... Lack of early-puppyhood socialization and inconsistent training akita a province in northern.. Will ward off intruders with warning barks and act on command were also developed as military messenger and sentry,! ( s ): German Shepherds are closer to them later Kennel Club the. Could provoke undesirable behavior to sleep with you usually large dogs, and easily trained.... Amazon and other companies linked to on this site certain degree of danger of! Protective attitudes, unwavering loyalty, and friendly inconsistent training among the smartest, popular... Aggressive, and intelligence going for them when considering guard dogs and service animals back to the efforts. Video ), you can train a German Shepherd ’ s long presents. Tend to remain calm and stable when interacting with children you think about German Shepherds are both,... Distraction than the German Shepherd ’ s no question German Shepherds often tout their supportive attitudes, unwavering,! That are naturally protective their potential as guard dogs and have the exceptional home protector ’. Protect your family, few will do a better job than the trained “ dogs... To be confident and safe could be a guard dog help you teach dog! Their wolf ancestors and embody their ferocity with their personalities training to teach them to attack desire guard. Maintaining the progress your GSD at home and less subject to distraction than German.